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Paul Bangay's Garden Design Handbook

Paul Bangay's Garden Design Handbook

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Achieving a perfect garden the Paul Bangay way. Paul Bangay is renowned for his sure use of space: the gardens he creates are superbly proportioned, easy to live in, executed to the highest standards—and places of beauty. Now, in Paul Bangay’s Garden Design Handbook, he shares his many secrets for successful garden designing and construction. He shows how to analyze a site and its needs, how to visualize a garden and use space, and how to decide on and achieve the hard and soft landscaping best suited to a particular style. Using diagrams, step-by-step instructions, plant lists, and above all Simon Griffiths’s lustrous color photography of his designs, Paul talks about every aspect of garden building from developing a ground plan, constructing a retaining wall, and fitting in a swimming pool, to finding a lawn substitute and drought-tolerant plants. Every page breathes with an infectious commitment to good design and the recuperative pleasures of gardening. Paul Bangay’s Garden Design Handbook is instructive, inspiring, empowering—the guide to have on hand as you approach the challenges of garden making today.

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