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You are Like a Seed - Michaun Madsen

You are Like a Seed - Michaun Madsen

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Teach kids to trust their authentic Self, knowing they already have what it takes to grow and be happy! It sounds pretty simple: plant some seeds, add water, sunshine, and in time tiny sprouts pop up through the ground. It only seems natural that if you follow the same steps, youll get the same results — but it doesnt always happen that way. Not all seeds become hearty and healthy fruits and vegetables. Why? There are many ways to help a seed grow up strong and healthy. The same can be said of a child and the benefits of a happy and healthy home, with a nurturing family that tends the garden and feeds the soul. Author Michaun Madsen saw the similarities and created a story illustrating this growth process so young minds can actually see and better understand the benefits of a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Heres a book to help ease the frustrations of growing up. YOU ARE LIKE A SEED teaches kids to trust their authentic self, knowing that deep inside, they already have everything it takes to experience a life of happiness.


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