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Rogue Pod Spray

Rogue Pod Spray

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When it comes to decorating with greenery, Rogue’s artificial sprays are a highly sought-after option. This Eucalyptus Pod Spray is so lifelike, you won’t believe it’s faux! With remarkable attention to detail, it has vibrant green leaves, realistic branches and a sturdy stem. Add some texture and colour to your floral bouquets by combining this spray with other stems to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement, or simply display by itself in a decorative vase or glass jar for an exquisite accent or focal point. Being artificial, it’s very easy to care for. Gently wipe with an alcohol-free, unscented baby wipe to clean. Keep out of direct sunlight. Made in China. Refresh your space with this beautiful Eucalyptus pod Spray from Rogue.


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