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Umbra Flew Surelock Squeegee White

Umbra Flew Surelock Squeegee White

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Flex Squeegee has an 29 cm handle that extends to 40 cm, giving you the extra reach that can make all the difference when cleaning surfaces in your washroom or other areas in the home.
This cleaning tool essential comes with a hook that utilizes sure-lock technology for a strong, long-lasting suction hold to the surface of your shower.
It dries and stores away neatly without you having to drill any holes in your wall.
Rust-proof, Flex will continue to look tidy and fresh in your washroom while remaining in good shape, thanks to its durable material.
This durable squeegee measures 26 x 29 x 3 cm and extends from 29 cm to 40 cm in length.

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