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Emporium Tall Pillar LED Candles Set/2

Emporium Tall Pillar LED Candles Set/2

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Light up your living space without fear of the flame! Emporium's Set of 2 LED Pillar Candles are designed to resemble and create the effect of a conventionally lit candle their body is even made from white paraffin wax.
These candles provide a warm, soft glow via the tiny, battery-operated globe inside the artificial flame.
The light flickers gently as a conventionally lit candle would, cultivating a lovely ambiance in any space.
So if you're clumsy, forgetful, have kids or pets, now you can enjoy the benefits of candles without the risks of an actual flame.
Meditate on the delicate light to help clear your head and relax.
Display Emporium's LED Pillar Candles either naked or in candleholders, on your bedside table, desk, shelf, coffee table, or windowsill to create a tranquil retreat or have them in your bathroom for a spa-like vibe.
Fake is the new fab! Emporium promises fashion-forward homewares with an emphasis on what's trending.
Perfect for gifting.

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