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Jonny Lambert's Bear and Bird Find a Footprint

Jonny Lambert's Bear and Bird Find a Footprint

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A beautifully illustrated book with hidden animals, plants, and fungi for kids to spot

Join Bear and Bird as they follow a mysterious animal's trail - and see what you can spot along the way!

Bear and his best friend Bird have gone for a forest picnic - but wait, whose are those footprints over there? Our inquisitive heroes follow the trail in search of the animal, meeting lots of friends - and finding lots to spot - along the way.

With captivating and comical illustrations by the popular artist Jonny Lambert, this book is sure to engage young readers who loved the author's popular Bear and Bird board books. Bringing Bear and Bird to a slightly older readership of 3-5 years, Bear and Bird Find a Footprint has a compelling story that teaches kids about different footprints and the animals that make them.

An engaging search and find challenge enhances the reading experience and teaches kids the names of common woodland flora and fauna. Cutouts show animals that can be found on the next double-page, providing a trail through the book. This book is perfect for adults and children to read together, so come and join the fun!

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