Joseph Joseph SpiroGo compact Spiralizer

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SpiroGo™ makes small spiralizing tasks quick and easy with its neat, compact design. It features a long handle that provides much better grip than other hand-held spiralizers and a stainless-steel blade that gives the perfect noodle thickness. The detachable finger guard has a food grip that allows you to spiralize ever last piece of vegetable, whilst keeping your fingers safe. Perfect for spiralizing courgettes, carrots and potatoes. Dishwasher safe. Caution: Sharp blade – keep fingers away from blade during use and cleaning. For best results, use straight pieces of vegetables 8 x 4 cm and place in the centre of the blade disc. Cut food to size accordingly. Some foods such as carrots may cause mild staining, this does not affect the overall function of the product. How to use 1. Cut food into straight pieces 8 x 4 cm with flat ends. 2. Place food in centre of blade disc, push down and begin twisting clockwise. 3. Use finger guard to finish off last remaining piece of vegetable.