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Society Home

Society Home Cove Scented Candle Jar

Society Home Cove Scented Candle Jar

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Society Home is an inviting and sophisticated collection, tied together by common threads of elegance and refinement.
Scented candle jars are the perfect accessories to enrich and vitalise any corner of the home.
This Cove Scented Candle Jar is both stylish and practical.
It displays a dark blue/white appearance with a ribbed design, making it a visual statement piece.
Unwind yourself with twirling notes that will transform any space into a coastal oasis.
Ideal for the living area, bedroom, dining room and kitchen, it’s a brilliant focal point in any given corner.
Displayed in a luxurious velvet box, it’s a great gift option for a special friend or loved one.
Enrich your home with this beautiful Cove Scented Candle Jar from Society Home.

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