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Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed Necklace - Mum, Ours Is The Bond

Something Borrowed Necklace - Mum, Ours Is The Bond

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EVERY PIECE TELLS A STORY: Mother & child… A love that transcends time, space and form; This stunning pendant sits on a clavicle chain and features a mother cradling her child with the promise of protection, guidance, sacrifice, compassion, dependability, and wisdom…

NECKLACE ATTRIBUTES: 14k White Gold over Titanium Steel | 40cm long with 8cm extender | Inert in Nature | Durable | Lightweight | Reflective | A stunning pendant that features the embrace of a mother; wear it with pride and be reminded of the love that exists there…

FINAL PRODUCT DETAILS: The Mother & Child Necklace is presented on a message card and packed in a clear cellophane pocket. 

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