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Little Hare

There's No Such Book - Jessica Dettmann

There's No Such Book - Jessica Dettmann

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There's No Such Book is a funny and heartwarming that will resonate with anyone who has experienced the frenzy of Book Week. It's the night before the Book Week parade and Ellie announces that she needs a costume by the morning. Mum, who is taken by surprise, desperately tries to piece together a costume from what’s lying around the house … They went into the bathroom. ‘Hmm,’ said Mum. ‘Don’t I remember once reading you a book about a monster whose skin looked like it was made of bright green towels?’ ‘No,’ said Ellie. ‘There is no such book.’ Ellie heads to bed only with Mum's promise that she’ll have a costume sorted by the morning. Mum stays true to her word, but perhaps not in the way that Ellie was hoping.

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